Anti Trump Protesters And The Played Out Race Card

It’s time to get honest with ourselves. The violence isn’t coming from those who support Trump, it’s coming to them from the liberals. Some are being paid to create issues and their ultimate goal is to make Donald look bad so the media can spin it.

You liberals aren’t actually hurting though, you’re helping… you’re exposing your real side the true side. You are the modern day Nazi and you don’t even know it. Your fascism is on full display for the whole world to see. Meanwhile, Trump supporters aren’t doing the same efforts as you against you. For the most part they are quiet and don’t want trouble, but I am glad to see some respond to you the way they should.


You see we have lived in fear of acting out even if we know it’s the right thing to do. We know that we will be labeled and accused of many things… but WE are tired of your shit… so stop cause it isn’t cute and the progression of this may lead to putting people at risk. We know you feel the Bern… we get it…

Now Racism, how loose has this really become? I remember when you had to be KKK card member and actually do something like use slurs to be labeled as a racist. But these days if you are born white you are automatically racist… almost as if you choose Fruity Pebbles of Coca Pebbles you are racist. It’s really getting out of hand and that’s due to the PC Agenda. The left almost believe everything you tell them to fuel their hate. I have seen tons of that on the Now This facebook page and also AJ+  it’s being built often on false pretenses… and the responses / comments are incredible yet scary at times to read.

And I’m the bad guy? I don’t think so… you have no reason to worry with me.

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