Bobby Lee Jr: DIY Windscreen For Your Camera

After watching tons of Youtubers make videos on how to improve the audio of your camera but making a homemade windscreen I thought I would give a try too. But with a twist. I would do it as Bobby Lee Jr.

I actually thought it would be a quick, easy, painless video to make. Boy was I wrong.

Turns out the Youtubers make it look super easy and I should have known it’s not actually as easy as it appears in video lol.

So, the truth is I wasn’t faking anything in this video… it was actually a little tougher than I had anticipated.

In the end I managed to pull it off and it works like a charm.

I still use the camera often and there has been no issues only improvement for the audio which is a major plus. Now if Sony could just put more bass into the sound that would be awesome.


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