Divided we fall, Together we stand.

For many people the shooting in Orlando has been a tipping point, a moment of clarity. A war is coming and we need to be ready. Unfortunately there are many people who still don’t get it. They call for stricter gun laws and plead for acceptance. They are turning a blind eye to what is happening around them and we can no longer afford to put up with that. This is why they need to play the 911 call from the Orlando shooting in its entirety.


One of my first articles was about Sharia Law, a religious code of conduct that all good standing Muslims abide by. It’s not like the bible, which many people refer to “guidelines” but an actual form of law that many countries practice. Many Americans have no idea what Sharia Law even means, or how degrading  it is to women, homosexuals, and non-Muslims. Knowledge is power, and right now we’re losing. We need to make ourselves aware of who our enemies are. Am I saying every single Muslim is waiting patiently at home, stroking their weapons whispering “soon” like some sort of Hollywood bad guy? No, but we are kidding ourselves if we continue to think that Islam is a religion of peace.


The American people need to hear what was said; who is the government to decide what our “precious virgin ears” can and can not handle? It’s time we got the full story, without media input. Yes, not wanting to incite ISIS sympathizers is a credible reason, but don’t you think they are fired up already? Victory after victory, bombing after shooting. They won as soon as it was announced that 49 innocent lives were lost.

We need to incite the American people. It’s time we get mad, it’s time we wake up and see what’s happening around us. We need to realize what the media is spoon feeding us and find our information else where. As citizens of this great country we are allowed to hear what the enemy wants to do to us, we need to know how to prepare. The left-run media is pitting us against each other, the war we need to worry about isn’t against each other.
Divided we fall, together we stand.

Written by Regan Witkowski


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