Dr. Joseph D. Nuhfuqs Cures Truthaphobia

Ever wonder what the hell is wrong with people? Ever wonder why some use phrases like racist, bigot, homophobe, transaphobe, xenophobe etc when losing a debate? Chances are their suffering from Truthaphobia.

Millions of Americans are battling this chronic condition but there is help and there is hope.

It’s not too late to man up and join the rest of us living Truthaphobia free.

In this video we see a glimpse into some of the practice methods that work in Dr. Nuhfuqs therapy sessions. We witness Erin Johnson go from a loser living at home with his parents, playing xbox all day and loving communism to a man living on his on and grabbing life by the ….. well, you know.

If you are a loved one is living with struggle of Truthaphobia call The Nuhfuqs Foundation today! Help is just a call away!

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