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Fishing With Strangers – My First Time Saltwater Fishing
I get a lot of people who say hey let's fish together. Kenny had been hitting me up for about[...]
Bass Fishing The 20 Mile Bend
I must of caught over 30 dinks this day which is a lot of fun. I know we all want[...]
Taylor Creek – It Was A Grind
Sometimes you go out on the water and you straight kill it... sometimes it kills you lol. We all know[...]
It’s Not Exciting
A lot of people ask me all the time... What do you do? I alway joke around and give some[...]
Fishing Disaster – Boat Failure – Keep Pushing!
Well some days you kill and some days you choke... some days you blast off and some days you just[...]
My First BassMaster Classic Ever
As many of you all know from following my page I haven't always been a fisherman, it's true. My story[...]
One Man – One Mission – FIGHTING TYRANNY
Most of you guys know me well enough to know that most my content comes from people who follow me[...]
I’m A Social Justice Warrior and YOU’RE WRONG
So, one day I was in the costume store and saw this wig. I threw on and instantly knew that[...]