Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’

So most of you are familiar with Project Veritas and they endless effort to expose the media, tech giants and campaign staffers.

Well they’ve done it again. This time they set their sites on Facebook.

They have exposed that everything Mark Zuckerberg said under oath was a lie. They are very much censoring right wing conservatives and in a gross way.

Many of you know that I am victim of that suppression. I was blowing the doors off of Facebooks algorithm with an organic reach of 68.9 Million. That’s unheard of. Chances of doing that these days is virtually impossible and if you are a person who is leaning right or supporting Trump you may never know what that’s like.

Facebook doesn’t like me, they don’t like anyone like me either.

So if you have had a massive reach and lost it suddenly like I did in a 24 hour time period, no you’re not paranoid. They are doing it to you.

They want to censor your voice, my voice and anyone who aligns outside of the parameters they have set. Basically, if you aren’t a lefty then you can fall into the category of being banned, loosing your page, throttling your reach and shadow banning you to the point you give up.

After all that’s their goal.