Facebook Employee: Truthful Interview

We caught up with MoonBeam StarLight Pegasus, who works head of security for Facebook, and got a candid interview.

During shoot She / He / Whatever must have banned at least 2,700 conservatives but we didn’t witness any banning of liberals. They claim to be unbiased but it’s odd that they support murdering babies but guns are bad? When most of us all know those numbers when stacked side by side don’t even add up.

They find people such as Outlaw Morgan, Diamond & Silk, Paul Joseph Watson, POA and others to be unsafe for their community yet you can graphically fantasize about killing the President in brutal detail and that’s fine. It’s almost as if they select, pick and choose what their guidelines are on the fly and it mostly targets non-left right of center people.

Pages that support Trump and SLOWED DOWN on reach making sure they have a limited audience to share to. Meanwhile Now This and all the other leftist propaganda pages are boosted and assisted to glide across the platform with maximum potential reached.

Not Biased MY ASS…

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