Facebook Goes Full NAZI

So, as many of you already know I had a page that was unpublished by facebook. They never provided a reason and I don’t know if I will ever get the page back.

I had a back up page that I activated once this happened and I changed the name of the page to take back my old name so no one could steal it.

I haven’t been super active on facebook since because I just feel that the platform is a joke at this point and if I become active it’s just a matter of time before my backup page is taken down and removed.

Why? Well because of censorship and the fact that some people can’t handle me… I’m offensive to them.

This usually leads to something being shared into “groups” on facebook and the members then all collectively come to the page and begin reporting everything. The algorithm pick this up and it automatically shuts down the page.

Recently, I shared the video of Kino Jimenez from a different page into the timeline of my page. A couple of days later I saw the dreaded SESSION EXPIRED box pop up. After going through a couple of accounts that I have connected to my page I found the account that was banned and facebook alerted me that it was because of this video.

Keep in mind that I didn’t upload the video, I simply shared it into my timeline from another source.

So, they gave me a 30 day ban and removed the video. Why not just remove the video… but wait… better yet what about this video violated your guidelines and standards? Why the hell did it have to come down in the first place? Why was I also banned???

This is why I am moving to youtube more and more everyday – subscribe to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/outlawmorgan

This is also why I am using Instagram daily IG: outlawmorgan

Even if I get my page back at facebook I will more than likely only use it to link my videos from youtube.

That video is everywhere – everyone has shared it… it’s still on multiple pages and they aren’t being banned… so why me?

I am feeling very singled out on their platform and I am also feeling very done with their platform.

In my honest opinion facebook has setup their algorithm to go full blown NAZI

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