Fleccas: LA Protesters Are Mind Boggling. “I’m a Communist”

I have watched this video over and over – it never gets old to hear the bullshit that comes out of these people.

One states that she’s a communist and then just makes herself look beyond stupid. Another says the word Speciest or however you spell it and I am not sure if that’s a legit thing or not – I have never heard of it.

Then again I didn’t realize that pronouns were a thing either and there’s a group of special flakes that use those.

The overall of what I gain every time I watch these videos from Fleccas, Mark Dice etc. is that there are a lot of STUPID PEOPLE on this planet. A LOT!

Watch for yourself and tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Gordon Ingram

    these mother fuckers are retarded.