@Fleccas Talks To Immigration Protestors (GUY PULLS OUT KNIFE!)

So, I shared one of @Fleccas videos and he emailed me to say thanks and asked me to checkout his newest video. He will be keeping in touch with me moving forward. In the first video below, he is talking to Immigration Protestors. Now, to hear these people even speak is painful enough but one guy actually pulls out a knife and begins to go into his gangsta mode.

The first video I saw from @Fleccas is below. These people kill their own cause lmao… good job @Fleccas – keep in touch and keep that spoon mic going!

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  • Ross Mcloughlin

    That person is a time traveler, she spoke with chief sitting bull who died December 15, 1890. That is fucking impressive. The Sioux tribe has a president now and has had one since 1936…. Its amazing that people like these even reproduce.

  • Tomasa Rico

    That was really hard to watch, I didn’t realize how dumb people can be….

  • Greg

    The guy with the knife & hat, I hope he see’s this! How embarrasing!

  • Jennifer Sands

    This is YOUR public taxpayer funding for education on display! OMG, I demand my money back!

  • Dana Lockwood

    Oh you little punk. We are so waiting for the day when you get so out of hand we can unleash hell on you snowflakes and Illegals.

  • MedicVa

    I felt bad for that nerdy Jeremy dude…he looked like he diddnt have a clue. He was just there cause girls were there. Maybe he is hoping to get a piece.