Fuck Facebook

So, while live on youtube taking phone calls I began to receive text messages saying that my page Outlaw Morgan on fakebook had vanished.

After the live show I verified this and sure enough my page had been unpublished by fakebook. There was a message at the very top of the page stating this along with an appeal button.

So, of course, I clicked the appeal button and for the new few days I could see the page but couldn’t add or delete anything.

Then a day or two later the page vanished from my end, even though people couldn’t see the page I still could. But at this time I couldn’t find it or see it anymore either. So, why would I be unpublished you ask? Because I am offensive to the liberals and I am a threat to their agenda.

You see more than anything I promote the idea of free thinking. To belief in yourself and stand firm in your position. In other words… don’t fold to political correctness and don’t back down to the liberal bullies.

I mean let’s be honest, there are tons of people who are offensive online and liberals are by far the most vicious of them. They still have their pages, their gay ass blue check marks and their voices… but me… well I am more of a conservative voice and it’s their platform.

So, how do you handle someone who is the image of everything you and your liberal butt buddies hate? You shut them down and get rid of them.

After all, I wouldn’t want to pop your precious little bubble with facts, truth and grounded evidence / statistics… I know you all deem that racist.

I also know that you’ve been hungry to take me out for a long time. Remember when I had an organic reach of 68 million? Then you took that away from in almost 24 hours knocking me down to 1.2 million. You made it virtually impossible for me to get over that hump. Then I started to manipulate your nazi algorithm and you figured that out. You demonetized my page and wouldn’t allow me to share articles… facebook was trying to destroy long before they took my page down.

They wouldn’t even allow me to use the facebook creator app. They had disabled me in various ways but I kept trucking and I also out smarted their algorithm by sharing other content that I knew people would share the hell out of. This was causing my numbers to sky rocket.

So, they decided since I wouldn’t give up and I was figuring out the game the only way to prevent me from spreading to others was to take me out. So, they did. Welcome to the new world order via social media where you will be censored and if you don’t adapt to their way you will be removed entirely.

The Truth, Facts and Statistics aren’t racist and the Truth doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings… enjoy your fake little world…





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