Kathy Griffin, The Progressive Left’s Double Standard

Welcome to the internet where what works for some don’t work for all. Where freedom of speech is condemned, censored and banned.

Where ISIS can recruit, post their propaganda videos but if I have a political opinion not supported by those who run Facebook then my organic reach is muffled.

Recently, Kathy Griffin posted the Viral Photo of her hold what is to imitate a severed President Trump head. This photo caught fire and people had feelings about it which also caught fire. MAJOR FIRE.

For me personally, I wasn’t triggered by it as I just expect this kind of shit these days but I can see how it’s displaying sedition which the left just does at will and we have witnessed it. Maybe this is why the shock value has wore off for me. Maybe being that I have been an artist I can also get the “Free Speech” side of it.

I don’t want America to become N. Korea where we kill people for their views. It’s a slippery slope but I definitely get the right’s exhaustion of the left’s abuse.

Twitter even banned a user for posing in a photoshopped picture where he had beheaded Kathy Griffin. The double standard is what actually gets to me, they banned him and shut down his account but not hers. She is allowed to artistically express herself but he isn’t. F**K THAT!

Look, talk all the shit you want about our President – I don’t want to stop you… I am not ANTIFA or BAMN or some other TRIGGERED GROUP OF LAMES. I don’t want your rights taken from you just because we have different views… that’s what the GAY SQUAD wants.

But, when you can shut people down for simply holding up the mirror to the bullshit then that’s a problem not just for me but for us all.



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