Live Interview With Owen Shroyer of Infowars

We all know that Alex Jones has been banned from the major social media platforms and it continues to get worse for Infowars.

They have been removed from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, Stitcher and just about anywhere else possible on the world wide web.

It appears the only place to find the alternative news outlet is on their own website which has been under attack multiple times causing the website to crash and disappear from the net.

During this live interview I share my worries as someone who has been banned multiple times, received strikes and even had my page unpublished twice by Facebook.

I know far to well what’s going on and why… just as many of you do. This is Raw Censorship, Thought Policing, Shutting Down anyone with opposing views. The midterm election is right around the corner and things are going to get ugly. They democrats have realized that they are on the losing side of the fight. We all know how dirty they can be when they aren’t desperate so I can only imagine how bad this is going to get and who may be affected.

I remember before I popped up on their radar the organic reach I had… my voice was traveling at light speed and with the flick of switch – the tap of a key they toggled my distribution down to virtually nothing.

This is about Free Speech. If someone questions a school shooting, if someone questions 9/11, if someone questions THE GOVERNMENT – that’s all protected by the 1st Amendment, but apparently the rules on the internet are left up to the liberals who develop the apps, social media platforms etc.

I am not sure what the outcome of all this will be. We have to motivate as many people as possible to get out and vote RED. We have to remind people that Freedom of Speech isn’t to protect you from the things you don’t want to hear. If we begin to go down this road of extinction where will it stop?



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