Does LiveTarget Hit The Mark?

These swim baits have been catching my eye for a long time and I finally decided it was time to try a few.

First the appearance of these baits are pretty amazing and the tail appears to have had a lot of thought go into it.

After throwing them in the pool for a few casts I see that you don’t have to burn em to get good action off the swim.

Matter of fact these look awesome just barely reeling them in. Maybe a tug or two to give a bit of reaction but honestly these swim great at slow speeds.

The weight is perfect so you won’t need to add a bullet to it.

The color of these, I believe, will get fish active for the bite.

If you are interested in picking up some to try I have provided some links below.

Live Target Threadfin Shad:

LiveTarget Sunfish:

LiveTarget Gizzard Shad

The tail design really grabbed my attention along with the 3d modeling so I decide to try em out. I use my swimming pool as a test to show them in action.

I will be doing another review later on water to see how the fish react to them.


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