Mark Zuckerberg/ Sheryl Sandberg/ Facebook undoubtedly colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Julian Assange, founder and main operator of WikiLeaks, released e-mails last week showing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was in direct contact with Mark Zuckerburg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook. With all of these delusional and nonsensical accusations about President Trump and “collusion with the Russians,” it is a wonder why the mainstream media outlets have not even touched this story showing direct collusion with a major social media platform and the Hillary Clinton Campaign! We all know why it gets no coverage, and it is because the left owns the mainstream media and they are pushing delusional conspiracy theories and LIES on the American public. The truth has no place on mainstream media outlets.

Already, the left is trying to avoid having to talk about this at all, and they are saying that these claims are being made by “far-right bloggers” as if this is some sort of far-right conspiracy theory! That is absurd given that these e-mails are the actual conversations that the COO and CEO of Facebook were having with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager! This is NOT a conspiracy theory, it is completely clear that Facebook was colluding with the Clinton campaign, and totally against President Trump.

Last week, President Trump said in a speech that Facebook was against him and his campaign, and immediately the left started calling him crazy as they did when he accused Barrack Hussein of “wiretapping” Trump Tower. Everything that the left and mainstream media call President Trump “crazy” about seems to turn around them and show how CRAZY and DELUSIONAL these leftists truly are! They are blatantly lying to the American public, and the evidence is clear and in the public light. After President Trump accused Facebook of being “anti-Trump,” Zuckerberg came out and flat-out denied that accusation. Within hours, Julian Assange released e-mails SHOWING DIRECT COLLUSION against Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton. Zuckerberg has been quiet ever since…

Sheryl Sandberg saying that she “still wants HRC to win badly:”

John Podesta to Sandberg thanking Facebook for their help in “electing the first woman President:”

Mark Zuckerberg to John Podesta saying that he will work with Podesta to “develop ideas:”

We can only guess what Zuckerberg meant by “developing ideas,” however it seems pretty clear that those ideas involve censoring Conservative and Libertarian pages and people. Countless people who stand against the so-called “progressive” left have had their accounts restricted on a regular basis for simply voicing their opinions which do not align with the radical left narratives. Facebook often claims that the person or page in question has “violated their terms of service,” but then does not provide any proof of that, not provide the specific terms of service which were violated. It is abundantly clear that Facebook is simply silencing the voices which disagree with their radical left ideology.

In fact, Facebook has been on a rampage over the past 18-24 months censoring people and pages that they do not agree with politically. I myself run a news page called “Clear Sky News,” and I keep getting put in what is known as “Facebook jail” repeatedly with no warning or justification. My individual account has been totally and outright restricted from even simply “liking” posts multiple times, however now they are coming up with new ways to limit the reach of Conservative/Libertarian pages and people which is a little less obvious than just shutting them down entirely. Many page admins are members of a number of groups; in which they can share their content to and get more viewership and response from their posts. Facebook has begun to subtly restrict accounts and pages from sharing to groups, which directly limits the reach of videos and articles. No warning and no justification, just all of a sudden you are restricted.

Recently, I was put into Facebook jail for no reason whatsoever, other than I read the sub-chapters of 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES to my audience and called for US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin enforcing the law. I was immediately restricted from sharing this Live Stream (or anything else) to groups upon completion of making the video. Then, I was released from Facebook jail for 48 hours and AGAIN read laws aloud, this time it was regarding ANTIFA’s blatant violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2331(Domestic Terrorism). Again, immediately upon completion of this Live Stream video, I was restricted from being able to share the video (or anything else) out to the groups which I am a member of.  All of this happened with NO WARNING and NO JUSTIFICATION. Facebook does give the option to appeal their decision to censor you, but they NEVER respond to the appeals!

There is little doubt that Facebook knows EXACTLY what they are doing by preventing people from sharing to groups. This censorship of political opposition is the modern equivalent of Fascistic book-burning, which was a tactic used by the Nazi’s to prevent their political opposition’s literature to reach the people of Germany. The left is running around calling everyone else a Nazi and a Fascist, while every single one of them exhibits Fascistic behavior by shutting down the speech of their political opposition. This needs to stop immediately. The delusions of the left, including Mark Zuckerberg himself, has gone entirely too far and it is causing TRUE information to be censored from getting to the people of the United States. Mark Zuckerberg and his radical leftist Democratic Socialist buddies are the epitome of Fascistic Nazi’s!

Nazi Fascists burning the literature of political opposition:


Info Wars Coverage of the Facebook-Clinton Campaign collusion:


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