MELT DOWN: Michael Moore Calls For Hillary to be Installed as President, Wants Trump Arrested

InfoWars reports:

In a deranged Facebook rant, far-left film maker Michael Moore has called for Hillary Clinton to be installed as president and failing that, the presidential election to be held all over again.

Moore cites a New York Times report that he states proves, “Campaign officials and Trump associates made repeated contacts and calls with Russian intelligence during the YEAR leading up to the election.”

“It’s what we all suspected. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on: TRUMP COLLUDING WITH THE RUSSIANS TO THROW THE ELECTION TO HIM,” rants Moore.

In reality, the NY Times report is yet another rehashed hodge podge of unsubstantiated claims made by unnamed sources which actually admits that the FBI found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

However, Moore thinks that the allegations are serious enough to warrant the complete reversal of the election result.

He calls for the judicial system “to rule either that the President is the winner of the popular vote OR the election must be held over.”

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  • Paul

    Michael Moore in Meltdown mode. We dont just Remove POTUS’s and Install new ones (especially those who were voted out by the people. Never about Trump, Always Never Hillary). This is America, not a 3rd world country.

  • CrazyforYeshua

    OMG! Do these people have any brains? The election is over, Michael, do you need your binky and a nap??

    • Dee Nordaby

      What he needs is a 2×4 (with nails sticking out of it) whacked right on his temple to make sure it is effective! What an absolute moron!!

  • Todd Russell

    I love it!! All the Dems are going crazy, oh happy day!!