I’m A Woman And I’m Definitely Not With Her

Last week it went down in history that Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee in history. Let me stop you right there, because that isn’t even totally true. If you crack open a history book you’ll find Victoria Woodhull (her VP was Fredrick Douglass!) was technically the first female nominee in 1872. Secondly, Hillary is only the “presumptive” nominee; no delegate votes have been counted for yet and won’t be until the end of July.

Next on the ever growing list: is she truly a role model we want for our children? Or a liar? Someone you won’t accept the consequences of her actions? There’s a difference in ambition and being power hungry and Clinton has proven herself, by her actions, to be the latter. Let’s talk about Benghazi and the lives that didn’t have to be lost. How can we just forget about those men who died because their pleas for help were ignored? Is that the person you want running our country? Or maybe you’d want the hypocrite who wears $12,000 jackets to speeches about income inequality? Google has recently come under fire, accused of tampering their search engines so that Clinton is only shown in a positive light. The woman charges $200,000 a speech, and lies about it! Plus, we’ve all beat to death with the email scandal. Funny how Hillary wouldn’t want to be known as the first presidential nominee under criminal investigation! Since she loves being first.


Voting for Hillary because she’s a woman is like voting for Obama because he’s black. And really, if you look at the big picture, doesn’t that come across as racist? You don’t agree/understand their policies, yet you vote for them based on skin color/gender? If I was a white male only voting for Trump because he was a white male, I would be hung in the streets; social media would tear me apart. Funny how that works; only when it’s convenient, right? The hashtag #GuessImWithHer is nauseating to see; they might as well change it to #ImWithStupid. People shrugging their shoulders and jumping into Hillary’s sinking ship is a nightmare. It is insulting to role models for women and young girls everywhere to even, for a second, blindly cast your vote for Hillary. This isn’t voting for prom queen; this is our future. You are actively throwing our freedoms away. Thank you for that.I am not a Trump supporter; I don’t think we’re in good hands either way, but we are the only ones to blame for that. I know so many people who didn’t vote in the primaries because they didn’t like or know any of the candidates. By not voting you might as well cast your ballot for Trump, and even Hillary.

We have a huge decision coming up. It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to the “lesser of two evils.” This fall, if you see me at the polls I’ll be smiling, wearing my republican sticker with fingers crossed because I believe our country is better than that.

Yes, I am a woman, but I will never vote for Hillary. #NotWithHer



Written by: Regan Witkowski


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  • Monica Carter

    I am a white woman who will never cast a vote for a woman who bashed on things I hold dear like my freedom of speech. The right to keep and bear arms. Yet she expedites the deaths of the most vulnerable Americans and crys over all of the innocent lives lost at sandy hook elem. But has no problem seeing both tragedies are the same, the only difference is one was carried out by a mentally ill man with a gun and the other attacks are carried out by a well paid doctor and nursing staff. This woman wouldn’t know honesty, integrity and moral fortitude if it danced on her podium!!! Leaving Americans to die when help was available and ready to go, unacceptable.this is just a few of many reasons I would write inRon White for president before u would cast my vote for Hillary!!!!

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Why Democrats Aren’t Scared of Gun Control Anymore

    Governor of New York State Andrew M. Cuomo and. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Democratic Party High Appointed Officials identified from with in NYC’s Gun Licensing Unit Who Are Selling Firearm licenses, High-ranking police personal bodyguard services, pick up car service and escort services with special privileges throughout its city and state in exchange for Bribes From Election Campaign Million Dollar Democratic Party Contributors ,High Powered Businessmen and Individuals/ Criminals and Gangmembers Who Were Unable To Get Firearms Legally But Could Afford Circumventing New York State’s Systems and Laws in exchange for Behind Closed Door- Under and Over and Around the Table Bribes of Cold Hard Cash,Drugs, lavish Gifts, Vacations and Prostitutes




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