Obama Upset: Trump’s Ban Deal For Illegals

 President Trump’s revised travel ban includes a provision that stops entry of refugees from any country into the Unites States for 120 days, which experts claim may produce a new wave of illegals crossing the border.

The revised executive order also includes new rules regarding the number of refugees accepted into the U.S., a provision that may upset a prior deal struck under former President Obama.

The Obama deal, brokered in 2016, is called the Central Minors Program and allows more illegals into the country by allowing children from Central America to apply for refugee status while in their home countries.

Central American children and their families are currently the main force behind illegal immigration. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) found an almost fivefold increase since 2008 of asylum seekers coming from the region known as the Northern Triangle.

Experts say it’s hard to measure the number of Central Americans who come to the U.S. for economic reasons versus those who are fleeing the violence. However, with the revised order, many may choose to flee the Northern Triangle through Mexican smuggling routes, a route Homeland Security secretary John Kelly wants to deter.

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