Outlaw Morgan – Starbucks Stocks Are Crashing

New Podcast 1/31/2017

Starbucks said they were going to offer 10,000 jobs to refugees and America has responded by boycotting them. I woke up this morning and the Google Stock Ticker for Starbucks was dropping. At 9am this morning they dropped 0.22 points which means a 39% drop. During the podcast it dropped as much as .89% and even today afterwards it dropped to 1.45%.

Remember Target, yeah when the CEO demanded we should all be ok with He / She men being able to use the bathrooms with our children in whatever bathroom they identify with? Yeah well they lost 28 Billion During that Crusade and the CEO was fired. I love it when these business make these bold political stances as if they won’t feel the effects of their stance.

Starbucks – you’re next… you will feel the wrath of those who will no longer spend money with your establishment. You could have stepped up and said, “We are going to hire 10,000 veterans” and you would have spiked in sales…. but you didn’t. You made a statement that says you are against Americans so Americans will be against you.

Good luck with all that!

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  • K Garrett

    I would rather drink instant than pay $4 for a cup of burnt mud..

  • Heath Walker

    I tried to get Starbucks’s side of the story, but all I got was corporate silence. I called the Starbucks on East Olive Way directly and left a voicemail. When they didn’t return that call, I called two more times. I also contacted corporate headquarters and left a voicemail, and sent a written inquiry through their web form. Nothing.

  • Charles Patrick

    Morgan check this out, the thing they are not talking about is there is a government program that subsidises employee wages to refugees. This is about cheap labor under the guise of SJW causes.

    • Robbin

      Yep, Obama’s legislation. Businesses are getting huge kickbacks for hiring refugees. Even those businesses being created by refugees are getting kickbacks for hiring their self because they are refugees.

    • Sharon Schmittler

      I bet Trump stops that as well, so it will not do them much good.

  • Sam

    I quit SB after their pronouncement on traditional marriage. This seals it.

  • Theresa McCauley

    Goody goddy gum drops,,,,,overpriced and overrated. you can make the same thing at home for half the cost. See ya starbucks. Americans are starting to show who we will support and who we won’t…so keep advertising about hiring someone before an American. We’re in a war and its to Win Back America for the Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens that fund this country.

    • Robbin

      If I go to a convience store and it is ran by Muslims, (it does not take long to figure it out. Lots of times they tell you,) I turn around and walk out and go somewhere else. Needless to say I also limit retail purchases too.

      • Susie Spilman

        They are hard to find. They own the majority of them.

  • Tommy Licciardello

    Mcdonalds coffee is the best. A buck for any size.I would never buy from Starbucks. Overated. CEO is an @sshole.

    • Ademard Pion

      Pfff, you are seriously affected…. Tim Horton is the best.. All the rest is pure crap… but pure fucking crap… particularly mc do coffee… worst than starbuck and i dont drink starbuck

  • Tommy Licciardello

    Even the liberal millenials have to understand that there will be 10,000 less jobs for them. Boycott Starbucks.

    • Sharon Schmittler

      They don’t care, they want to be unemployed and playing video games.

  • larry

    don’t forget that Starbucks would not send coffee to troops overseas
    ,in like 2005

    • Sharon Schmittler


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