OUTLAW MORGAN TRUTH BOMB: 9th “Circus” Rules Terrorists Have An Inalienable Right To Enter America

The American people have no right to keep refujihadists from traveling to their country “because discrimination,” so says the liberal 9th Circuit.

From Bloomberg:

A federal appeals court ruled unanimously that the U.S. will remain open to refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries, rejecting a bid by the Trump administration to reinstate a travel ban in the name of national security.

The San Francisco-based appeals court on Thursday spurned the government’s request to close the doors after days of public debate over President Donald Trump’s attacks on the judicial system and a rush of fearful immigrants. The ruling increases the likelihood that the administration will ask the Supreme Court to step into a case that’s the biggest test of Trump’s executive power yet.

Trump was defiant, tweeting within minutes of the ruling, “SEE YOU IN COURT. THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

The panel’s ruling in favor of immigrants is a victory not only for Washington and Minnesota — the states that sued — but for Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which said in court papers that the measure would hinder their global businesses.

Their “global businesses” take precedence over your safety, sorry America.

We’re going to have to have more San Bernardinos and Orlandos because it might hurt Zuckerberg’s bottom line if the government did what the American people actually want.

Globalist mega-corporations get to decide our immigration policy, not you.

The public “has an interest in free flow of travel, in avoiding separation of families, and in freedom from discrimination,” the three-judge panel said in a 29-page ruling.


“Freedom from discrimination,” it’s in the constimatution, don’tcha know?

Obama and Bush can drop bombs on all these countries without impediment, separate families by killing them, and destroy civilian infrastructure like bridges and roads — but trying to restrict people from these countries from coming to America is unconstimatutional, understand?

This 9th Circuit is more evidence California should be walled off with the rest of Mexico and kicked out of the union.

Make no mistake, this is good for us. It shows how completely backwards our legal system is and why courts like this need to be shut down or completely ignored.

Credit: Information Liberation

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