Police Officers Kneeling – Possible Reprimand

Two cops in Chicago will be disciplined after a local activist took a picture with them in uniform kneeling in support of recent protests during the national anthem at NFL games — and posted the snap to Instagram, officials said.

The activist, Aleta Clark, posted the photo with two “men of color” to her social media account Sunday, two days after President Trump said at a political rally in Alabama that NFL players who won’t stand for the national anthem should be fired.

“That moment when you walk into the police station and ask the Men of Color are they Against Police Brutality and Racism & they say yes,” Clark wrote in the post. “Then you ask them if they support Colin Kaepernick … and they also say yes … then you ask them to Kneel!”

 The post had garnered more than 1,900 likes by Tuesday morning and dozens of comments, including one woman who said the photo “literally warmed” her heart. Another commenter suggested that the photo would be problematic for the officers, claiming that “Trump gonna get dem fired.” Another user referred to the officers as “morons.”

A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said the officers would be reprimanded for taking the photo.
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