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Maxine Waters Supports Firing Of Comey
The Rambling Moron Maxine Waters Just when you think the moronic Democrats just can't get any dumber; just when you[...]
Outlaw Morgan has Steve from on the show to talk about how he is pushing his non profit to[...]
Rude Germans Boo and Hiss Ivanka Trump at Women’s Summit (VIDEO)
Invited by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend a international women’s summit on entrepreneurship in Berlin on Tuesday, first daughter[...]
Crazy Pelosi: Trump’s Border Wall Will Take Food from Babies and Cause Dirty Air and Water
What a loon. The only argument the Democrats have anymore includes insults and lies. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s[...]
Developing: Trump’s Laptop Ban May Be Extended to European Airports
Multiple British and American media outlets are reporting that the Trump administration may extend its “laptop ban” to European airports.[...]
‘TUCKER TONIGHT’ Coulter vows to give talk, defying Berkeley order
Ann Coulter told Fox News the decision to nix her planned speaking event next week at the University of California,[...]
FAMILY WANTS ANSWERS Aaron Hernandez lawyer questions client’s death
When corrections officers found Aaron Hernandez hanging from a bedsheet in his Massachusetts prison cell on Wednesday, the words "John[...]
MSNBC Analyst ‘Nominates’ Trump Property For Next ISIS Bombing
An MSNBC ‘Counter terrorism analyst’ is under fire after suggesting that ISIS should bomb a property belonging to the US[...]