I’m A Social Justice Warrior

So, one day I was in the costume store and saw this wig. I threw on and instantly knew that I had to have it though I wasn’t sure why or how I would use it. Then I was kicking around the idea of hippies, sjw, hipsters etc and it hit me. What’s the one thing that irritates me the most about people… PROJECTING THEIR MORALITY ONTO EVERYONE ELSE. As if they know what’s best for you, or that you’re not doing it right because how you’re doing it isn’t how they would do it. I HATE THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING…. “I don’t like guns so no one should have them” That type of mentality… it’s communism all by itself. I think people forget that we were structured to value the RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL NOT THE STATE. Now we have all these hive mentality bees that buzz together and point fingers working like a group of brown shirts for their socialist party. LEAVE ME OUT OF IT and LEAVE ME BE YES this is comedy because many of you are exactly what I am portraying to be. WEAK

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