There’s No Evidence Russia Tried to Help Trump

I am not saying that National Security isn’t a factor nor does it lack importance. I just find it odd that Obama and Hillary, along with a few others, are running around constantly shouting Russia this, Russia that… Fake News… what’s next Aliens? Yes that’s it… the ALIENS hijack the election… the ALIENS hacked your server… the ALIENS are why you lost and they are brainwashing everyone by FAKE NEWS.

The Russians didn’t make Americans vote for Trump… he did that all by himself. What you liberals are witnessing is a revolt to the past 8 years of bullshit policies being shoved down our throats. We are tired of Political Correctness telling us and our children how we are to think, act, say, behave etc… we have risen against that just as we have risen against the system. You see Trump is the closest thing to an independent we had… Gary Johnson was not a choice… Hillary was not a choice… Rand Paul was an option but he didn’t get the momentum that Trump did… TRUMP WON  – GET OVER IT!

Just as the so called REAL MEDIA uses thought seeding to propagate their narrative through an Operation Mockingbird style agenda the Washington Post put out an article doing just that. It has no evidence, fact or statistics to give weight to the content. If you give a shit you can read it for yourself.

For every article released in this fashion there is always another outlet that rejects the notion. In this article below release by NY TIMES you will see a different side to the story. It appears that the liberal left is reaching for any angle that will work… throw it to the wall and hope it sticks.

Above is a link to the article release by NY TIMES. You can click the photo to read it.

Moving onto this Fake News BS I am hearing everywhere. It’s not the Governments Job to police Freedom of Speech or condemn Freedom of Press. They only want to stop those who aren’t playing for their team. This is a very slippery slope and below you will find my Facebook live video where I get into my thoughts about it.

When Hillary gets involved and begins to run her mouth about it – it’s bad! She is going to try to SHUT DOWN those they consider to be “FAKE NEWS” aka anyone who fact checks, or shows opposition to their BS.

Keep an eye on this because this can get real bad real fast not to mention it’s severely unconstitutional.

Outlaw Morgan’s Live Facebook Feed on Obama, Hillary, Russia & Fake News

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