My thoughts as a Woman about the Women’s March

Women’s March January 21, 2017 (by Jenna Colombi)

As a Women in the 21st Century I needed a better understanding of what the agenda for the March was: So I decided I needed to find out for myself what these Women are marching for and hoping to achieve and enlighten the world what issues they are facing.

Reasons for the March as stated by the Organization:
Racial Equality, Gender Equality, Labor Rights, LGBT Equality,Immigration Equality, Reproductive Rights……. And many more that do not even have a legitimate argument.

Equality: Education I do not know of any Women or US Citizen who is not afforded equal opportunity to any Educational System we currently have to offer in the USA,

Argument: We cannot afford it and it should be free to all as Right..

Fact: No one is entitled to anything for free because FREE does not exist. Everything is paid for thru Federal, State and local grants, taxes, bonds and many other sources to fund any and all programs. We currently have FAFSA , Students grants, Scholarships and loans.

Racial Equality: The current argument is that Labor rights are not equally afforded to Illegal Workers in the USA so they are not being paid the fair minimum wage by law per each State’s legal wage. Illegals cannot complain or come forward to any legal entity to express that they are being paid less the required by Law.

Argument: We cannot come forward because we will be detained and possibly extradited back to our Country we legally are a citizen of.

Fact: USA has several different programs for people from all over the world can come to the USA and work legally and are afforded the same Labor Laws that every American has.

Example: Seasonal Migrant Workers are paid the legal minimum wage that is designed for this particular program in some cases it may be less than the State minimum wage for Legal Citizens for the fact that they are not required to pay the same taxes, pay into Social Security and many other costs that the American working taxpayer pays. The money that is earned is taken back to their Country of Origin and is FAR more likely than not the cost of living is way below OUR cost of living. So in fact this has no bias towards anyone who goes thru the proper channels to earn money in America legally.

Women are by far treated more equal currently than they have ever been in the past and have every right that a Man has.

Gender Equality: In the USA you have the right to identity as to whatever gender suits you, we have legalized marriage to everyone Nationwide regardless of your gender. We now have gender neutral bathrooms for all and offer the same rights to everyone to adopt, vote, work, gun rights, and every other right each and every human being is afforded under the United States Constitution.

Argument: Unequal pay, the right to own property, voting, sexual violence, lack of education of STD’s and many more ridiculous claims.

Fact: Everyone has the same voting rights, all people are educated on Sexual violence and STD’s, everyone has the right to bear arms if not a Convicted Felon, own property or a business matter fact Women and Minorities have more options afforded to them thru grants, loans and minority specific programs.

Reproductive Rights: I have heard repeatedly over and over again how the New Administration is taking the rights away from people to have access to Health Insurance this is simply not the truth everyone has and always will have the right to Health Insurance either thru your Employer or you have the right to purchase it. Another huge lie is that Roe vs.Wade will be overturned VERY unlikely what may occur is that it will be left of to each individual State to determine if they choose to allow it to be legal. Birth Control another major topic of deceit IT WILL NOT BECOME ILLEGAL what is possible to happen is that your insurance company or welfare system may not be required to pay for it due to the fact it is not a life saving measure along with many other medications that fall into the same category as life saving. The Government may choose to defund programs that give it to people for free it’s not up to the Government to ensure that you do not become pregnant due to lack of responsibility. In the cases of Rape, Incest and life threatening situations you will still have options to access birth control it just may not be free.

A congressional hearing has been held and you can watch it on C-SPAN it clearly states that they are willing to double the funds that they currently provide to Planned Parenthood if they can find other Facilities that provide the same exact services that are currently offered thru Planned Parenthood. So why is that an issue?? I hear all too often the government has no place in anyone’s bedroom and I stand by that statement wholeheartedly but the argument then falls back to the government as they are expected to fund abortions and birth control unfortunately we cannot have it both ways. Coerced sterilization and genital mutilation is another topic of the March I am not aware of these horrific practices being done in the USA.

Our President is a Rapist:

The claim is that he raped a 13 year old girl but the case was dropped due to numerous death threats made upon her, well if anyone is familiar with the law in a criminal case NOT cival the District Attorney advises the prosecutor the move forward with filing charges based upon evidence and it is not up to the victim to decide if charges are filed or not they may choose not to cooperate but that does not necessarily mean the case will not move forward it is determined on the amount of evidence they have if in fact they feel the is enough to support a successful prosecution they will move forward with or without the cooperation of the victim. The reason behind this is so that people cannot make false criminal accusations and then decide to drop it and settle for an undisclosed sum of money.
Speaking of him being a criminal I have yet to find any solid evidence that her has perjured himself to any form of Law Enforcement, FBI, Senate, Congress or any other entity not listed. However Mrs. Clinton who is found by this organization to be the only fit person for the Presidency has broke more laws than any past or present Government Employee to date. I know that stings but the truth usually does when it doesn’t align with your Agenda. Here are a few of the laws she has broke in case some may have forgotten.

Recap and Review:
Every Legal American Citizen has equal opportunity regardless of Race, Religion, Gender I ask anyone to please enlighten me as to any and all rights you DO NOT HAVE that someone else in the USA has????????????????

this was sent in via email by Jenna Colombi

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