Unisex Bathrooms For Crybabies


I swear you people come up the dumbest ideas ever… if you want to be a pussy then go to Europe, Canada where they embrace your braid dead bobble heads like you and celebrate your stupidity.

I don’t feel sure that you have actually thought this out. I mean Rapist and Creepers can lurk the stalls for a victim and let’s say someones 8 year daughter gets RAPED…. It’s your fucking fault!!!!! Because you are a self righteous liberal who won’t back down from a good protest. You feel entitled to CREATE A NEW AND BETTER WORLD that is weak and bowing to criminals and radicals… WELL FUCK YOU. I said it.


We have had a system in place for years that has worked… it’s never been an issue until your dumbass thought it up. I mean there is better shit you could be doing with your time instead of being a social injustice warrior. Plant a garden, take up tennis, learn to surf, play a video game… hell anything is better than a sign holder on the mission for resolution to a problem that ACTUALLY DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST.

You do not have the right to put people in harms way because you feel that you should have a unisex bathroom… FUCK YOUR FEELINGS…

You and your band of flunkies are going to push Americans to the point they push back… stop being such a crybaby pussy all the time!

Yours Truly,

Outlaw Mother Fucking Morgan Bitch

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