VIDEO: ‘Day Without Women’ Shuts Down Schools, Forces Working Women to Find Childcare

The “Day Without Women” protest, aka the “Day Without Obese Cat Ladies” scheduled for Wednesday is forcing schools to shut down and forcing working moms to find childcare on a moment’s notice.

From WJLA:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) – Thousands of Alexandria City schoolchildren won’t be going to class Wednesday and it has nothing to do with the weather.

“It came as a surprise when my husband texted me to tell me there was no school,” says Courtney Scott, who has two boys in the fourth and fifth grades.

Wednesday is International Women’s Day, also known as “A Day Without Women.” School officials say an unprecedented 300 teachers have requested leave.

That’s led to the closure of the district’s 16 schools, with 15,200 students getting the day off.

…outside Mt. Vernon Community School on Monday, some parents were caught off guard.

“I can imagine how big of an inconvenience it is for people who don’t have child care and have to go in to work and don’t have the options to stay home,” Scott says. “So, I can image some parents are feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.”

Here’s a local news report showing some of the protest organizers.

I’m truly shocked those two want to take off work.

Rather than take another day off work, perhaps these two should try a “Day Without Doughnuts.”

Credit: Information Liberation 

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  • Sarah

    a day without doughnuts??? why on earth would they do that when they can take the day off and eat doughnuts at the same time! Fat people heaven!

  • Johnny Walker

    A day to spend at the gym…..

  • Joe Bologna

    Do they look underprivileged in anyway? They aren’t starving? They are free from working? They are non responsible buffet loving leaders that if not fed will devour men..this isnt teaching awareness at the slightest! This has pissed of workin women and kid raising women! This is another joke as to how there is no equality in pay? How? Federal laws are intact for decades..the woman doesn’t appeal to management positions because of bearing children and raising family! That’s it! America is by far the best places to be a woman in the world and these hippos are taking advantage of it..yes women if they allow it are sex objects but even then, men could get in serious trouble in the workplace-with sexual harassment! Do-these 2 women look like their harassed? Maybe from the hot dog cart they pass everyday..but honestly be specific on the protests of what women need share and put the circus acts to rest..

  • Lutisha Wilson

    HAHAHA! Ma’am I’m going to need you to go ahead and sit down. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. While you were causing ruckus, real women were still working and providing for their families.