VIDEO: Far-Left MSNBC Whines Trump Fans ‘Heckling’ Reporters & Saying You ‘Suck’

Butthurt fake news reporter Cal Perry whined Thursday at the inauguration concert that Trump’s supporters are “heckling” the media and telling them “you suck.”

From NewsBusters:

[Cal Perry] complained, “…There is a pervasive, sort of, heckling that goes on towards the media that we’ve seen today, consistently not just from the crowds but also the volunteers.”

After walking around the crowd, Perry lamented, “This is certainly a divided nation and this idea that the Trump supporters have seems to be that, if you are not with Trump, you are dead-set against him. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.”

He continued, “Standing on the stage with the media, we’ve heard chants of CNN sucks, of NBC sucks. We have heard very similar to the chants we heard during the campaign.”


These are great people, folks.

Cal Perry is the same clown who got destroyed last year by “The Warrior Queen of /Pol/,” aka “Candice the Cuck Slayer.”

Credit: Information Liberation

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  • LW

    And he looks confused. How in the hell can they be so stupid??? They STILL don’t get it. The “media” lost our trust and for good reason.They lied about and demonized our candidate and then pushed obviously false polling “data” on us to try to convince us not to even bother. Bad news, PMSNBC, Clinton News Network, et al, we know who you are and what you are. They are liars, ideologues, and perverters and usurpers of the American democratic process. They are the enemies of the free and open exchange of ideas in the public forum. The “fifth column” is guilty of treason against the United States of America, and they have the gall to complain when a citizen says “You suck”??? They are really in for some major heartbreak, then. I, for one, will not forgive this easily, if at all. And I will NEVER forget. Rant over.

  • Stephen Ahlers

    When told he sux, Cal Perry responded; ” Just little ones, I’m trying to quit”.

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