VIDEO: Watters World Confronts Commie Professor Over Hateful Anti-Trump Rant

In the latest episode of Watter’s World with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Watters confronts St. Joseph’s University professor David Parry who told his students that ‘people are going to die’ because of the election.

The professor told his class:

I am not sympathetic to the white voters who make over $50,000 a year and said that ‘We are going to vote for Trump.’ Those people I am not sympathetic to, and I do not believe that you have to open your heart to them. If you are a person of color in this room, if you are a woman in this room, you do not have to open your heart to them.

People are going to die because of what happened. And if we don’t start there, we cannot have a conversation. People’s lives are on the line now, and it’s time we get real about that.


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  • Greg Miller

    He’s pretty brave standing up in front of his class and saying his BS but get his face in front of a camera and he runs like a child.

  • Jim L. Miller Jr.

    your first clue is he’s a PROFESSOR

    • lolaalex

      Nah… my son just got his PhD in physics and might include teaching in his future. He’s as Republican as you can get them.

  • Will Wallace

    At a Catholic University ……..

  • Christopher Bailey

    This asshat should be fired period! Spineless overpaid idiot.

  • Jodo Cast

    Those who can’t do,,,,,,teach. If you can’t deal with the facts of society, you try to teach about it. So sad. They teach what they think it should be, and ignore what it is.

  • lolaalex

    Typical Lib-tard. Running away with his tail between his legs. God forbid if he stood his ground and backed up his opinions without having rioters to back them up.