WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Arrested On Live Stream At ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Protest

Shia Labeouf was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly assaulting a man who was trolling his “He will not divide us” live stream protest.

“Cops tell us a guy walked in front of the mounted camera and said something — possibly regarding Trump — but whatever it was … Shia got pissed,” TMZ reports.

“Shia grabbed for the guy’s scarf, and allegedly scratched him in the process. As TMZ first told you … NYPD has been posted up at the protest site in Queens since Monday — so officers quickly moved in and busted Shia.”

Video claims to show part of the assault:

Unconfirmed reports from 4chan say it was actually another man who was assaulted off stream:

Since beginning the protest on Friday, Shia has been relentless trolled by memers from /pol/. Rather than respect the memers peaceful protest of his protest, he’s chosen to violently assault them — repeatedly.

As Donald Trump is now president, the era of liberals being permitted to assault “Nazis,” aka everyone they disagree with, is now over.

The meme war has now leaped from the internet to real life. Rather than triggering people online and merely causing the rustling of jimmies, people are being triggered in real life and getting arrested.

Credit: Information Liberation

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  • Steve

    I have never, ever, in my 70 years on this planet, seen a more pathetic group of losers.

  • Liberty and Truth

    Wait a minute are we to believe the people from 4chan are trolling somebody?

  • Matt Sampson

    Those ‘supporters’ aka sheeple, sound like a bunch of stupid zombies uttering their monotone rhetoric. No, he (are they talking about the President?) won’t divide you, because you’re doing a super job at doing that all by yourself. Separate yourself from everyone else and alienate the nation while you stare at your cell phone and mutter your stupid chant. Good job.

  • Jim Bennett

    WTF, Just start passing out the FUCKING KOOL AID! Only thing missing is Jim Jones!

  • Rusty Harden

    I’d be happy to keep y’all together… the loony bin

  • Gerry Watson

    Very likely he will drug overdose in less than 6months

  • Jonathan Miller

    The ÙberNardo better get some headcare…sounds like he has a leak…of air.

  • Lee Wro

    I sincerely wish he had done this in my neighborhood. I’ll bring my own sponge for the clean up. LOL

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