It’s time to wake up the Millenials

Everyone says millennials will be the generation to tear down barriers and undo the mistakes of their parents. In the wise words of my grandfather “you didn’t invent being a teenager.” Every generation before us, in their youth has “broken barriers” or defied the way of thinking. They protested, they dressed different, they thought they were doing good things (sometimes they did) but eventually they all grew up and took responsibility by the horns and did what they needed to do.


Unfortunately, that’s the missing link in this generation. I’m not saying that every millennial is an entitled brat who thinks they hung the moon, I know plenty of hard working and outstanding people my age, but the majority of this generation thinks we owe them something. “Where’s my participation trophy” “this isn’t fair” “who says I have to be an adult?”
Newsflash- if life was fair babies wouldn’t die of cancer. If life was fair women wouldn’t get abortions, or at birth we’d inherit a savings account of 1,000 dollars to invest in. Life isn’t fair, that’s what hard work is for.


The Internet is the ultimate “frienemy.” It helps you keep in touch with family and friends, instant news stories, basically a pocket sized encyclopedia of the world. On the other hand, a lot of what you see on the internet isn’t true, or is totally skewed for one side or the other. Good thing millennials are on the case! Sharing and believing all the skewed and wrong information and maybe even a selfie!

In my own opinion, we can thank the college campus’s and professors across the nation for the millennial mind set. I love my school (Go Bearkats!) but many professors push liberal agenda onto students instead of encouraging them to decide on their own. Not all professors are like this, I’ve had a golden handful who never shared or insinuated who they were voting for or what side they were on. But it is sad to think that there are many college professors who spend class time pushing government agenda. Last time I checked I wasn’t paying thousands of dollars to be told to vote democrat. With college attendance the highest it’s ever been were a huge target. Many people I know come out of college a liberal democrat, and it’s not because of a degree, or how “smart they are,” it’s because of brainwashing.


Before anybody can even say it, I know that not every millennial is as described, and not every professors pushes a deprecate agenda, but the majority does. It bothers me that we praise this generation for all the “great things” it’s doing yet our nation is the most it’s been divided in years. I know change, especially on a large scale doesn’t happen over night but when is it going to happen? Where’s all the “change”  someone promised us? Earth to Millenials, the future is in our hands and it doesn’t look good, no matter which instagram filter you put on it. It’s sad to see that this generation could do some good if it ever got its self absorbed head out of its front facing camera. I hope more of my generation start waking up and realizing the actual good they could do in this world.

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