bye Felicia! ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Goes Off Without a Hitch – Showing We Don’t Need Them

The media-hyped “Day Without Immigrants” protest Thursday simply succeeded in shutting down a few restaurants and lessening the workload at our nation’s overburdened public schools.

If the protest is any indicator of what America would be like without illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America taking Americans’ jobs and driving down wages, the message couldn’t have been more clear: we’ll be just fine.

While wealthy leftists like Kelly Osborne may not have anyone to clean their toilets, or more likely will just have to pay a slightly higher price to get someone to clean their toilets, the rest of the nation will be unfazed.

Perhaps if these illegals really want to throw us into the briar patch, they can make this “Day Without Immigrants” into a full year, or a decade, or a century.

Credit: Information Liberation 

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  • Deborah Morris Coleman

    And does anyone see that every single person interviewed here ALL appear to be illegal immigrants! So, WTF? THIS is AMERICA! Families that are here illegally should be afraid, very afraid! You do NOT belong here! WE would NOT be treated fairly in YOUR countries; so why the hell should we welcome you to OURS? Go find another Country, we not only don’t want you, We will NOT support ANY of you any longer! NOT NO but HELL NO! NO DAMN MORE! United States VETERANS before ANY ILLEGAL!

  • WithoutRights

    I would like to propose the next protest. A decade without illegal immigrants.