Crappy Weather – Good Fishing

So, Dan and I hit the yuppie ponds and fished for a good while… the bite even for the yuppie lakes was slow.

Then the clouds pushed in and the storm was coming with it. Yep, it rained and we did get soaked.

But the best part is… we found the hole where they were all hiding. The bite instantly turned on it was “lit”

I also discuss some of my favorite baits in the beginning of this video. I will continue to make fishing videos regardless of what’s going on in politics, the world etc. because well… fishing is fun and I love doing it.

I never asked for permission to start making videos and I am not going to ask permission now.

Life is about finding balance to bring yourself inner peace… before you know it the lights are out and what you did with your life is up to you right now!

Get to living!

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