Elizabeth Warren Caught Red Handed Using Fake Senate Floor Outrage To Promote Book And Solicit Donations

Elizabeth Warren has been caught using her stunt on the Senate Floor on Tuesday night as a way to promote her new book and make herself money. The Free Beacon points out that while she had said in the past that she opposed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General she waited only a couple hours after her book was was released to actually try to make a case against Sessions.

From The Free Beacon:

Around 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, hours after the incident on the Senate floor, Warren sent an email to supporters soliciting donations, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported Wednesday evening. The email explained what happened that night and included a donation button.

Minutes after sending her email to supporters, Warren called CNN’s Don Lemon to discuss the incident on television.

MoveOn members contributed $250,000 to Warren’s re-election campaign in about 12 hours, CNN reported.

Washington works great for the rich and the powerful, but it’s not working for everyone else. And it’s not because of…

Posted by Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

H/T Gateway Pundit 

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  • Lee Wro

    If anyone believed her “middle class” BS the election wouldn’t have gone the way it did. And 11 books? She just isn’t smart enough to have 11 books worth of new material in her head. The foreword probably cleaned her out.

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