Facebook Banned Me for “Hate Speech”


This nazi shit is getting real. Look, I am well aware that a lot of people may find me offensive. I mean after all I do say some pretty harsh shit… but is it hate speech? Like am I an extreme right winger flying a swastika? HELL NO… am I someone injecting the action of violence behind his words towards any particular group of people, race, ethnicity etc? HELL NO…

Have I said lets KILL ALL THE

__!  Nope…

So, recently Facebook and their little gang of snowflakes have rolled out a “is this hate speech” button and boy are the softies having a blast… the button should just say, “Are you offended by this content.”

Because that’s the truth of the matter… it’s not hate speech – you’re just a little bitch! A little whiney cunt! Who now has a button to push like the bitch boy taking names for the teacher!

Look, I get banned all the time – so I am used to it but this is new and different. They are now banning me for “hate speech” aka someone got their wittle feewings urt.

From where I stand I said nothing in this video that actually showcases any level of legit hate speech.

This is going to get very slippery very fast for anyone using the Facebook Nazi Platform where Mark Suckitberg lied his face off to congress and then went even harder on censorship afterwards… WELL FUCK YOU MARK… FUCK YOU VERY MUCH… is that hate speech? NOPE

Watch this video below and tell me where exactly you hear hate speech – because it appears that comedy has now become hate… it appears that the truth has now become hate or simply anything you don’t want to hear is now hate.

This will lead to pages getting shut down and deleted from their platform – just wait.

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