Fishing Disaster – Boat Failure – Keep Pushing!

Well some days you kill and some days you choke… some days you blast off and some days you just smoke.

I had high hopes for this day… we were going to the Everglades where peacock, snake heads and bass roam around. Drove an hour and a half there, put the boat in the water and it started to turn. Then it stopped… the starter took a dump on me.

My buddy Pat traveled out to join me so both of us were let down. I pulled the boat out a little upset and drove another hour and a half back home. I thought about throwing in the towel for the day but decided giving up wasn’t an option.

Hit one lake – nothing – skunked
Hit the second lake – one dink
Hit the third spot and even though it was a grind (unusual for this location) I ended up snagging a bunch of dinks and couple of decent ones… but it’s the lesson it taught me that matters…


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