Four Black Thugs Accused Of Facebook Live Torture Of White Man – Plead Not Guilty!

Update: The four thugs charged with this hate crime, Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago; Tesfaye Cooper, 18 of Chicgao; Jordan Hill, 18 of Carpentersville; and Tanisha Covington, 24 of Chicago pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Friday before a Cook County judge.

Chicago Sun Times reports:

The four people charged in the Facebook Live attack that drew outrage across the city and country pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Friday before Cook County Judge William Hooks.

All the defendants’ assistant public defenders entered the pleas on behalf of their clients. Their next court date will be March 1.

Tanishia Covington, 24, Brittany Covington, 18, Jordan Hill, 18, and Tesfaye Cooper, 18, are accused of holding a schizophrenic white man captive in a West Side apartment last month, forcing him to drink toilet water and cutting his scalp with a knife while making him proclaim, “I love black people.”

Generally when criminals want to get away with a crime, they do everything to hide the evidence. In this case, these 4 brilliant thugs not only video taped their crimes, they live streamed it on Facebook. Of course they plead not guilty. After 8 years of Obama fomenting hatred and division among races, these black thugs think that torturing a white man is acceptable.

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  • Will Of Truth

    Obama being a pile of s*** has nothing to do with the fact their piles of s***. They are just simply piles of dogshit with little more than dogshit between their ears therefore they are and always will be nothing more than shitstains on Humanity.

  • Shelly Kay

    If I was a public defender and they tried to get me to take this case I’d quit my job immediately.
    The teens own video evidence proves how vile and hateful they are.
    Idgaf about fair trial!
    What happened to the victim was unfair, these people deserve to rot!

  • Mark 2112

    put all four of them in one solitary confinement cell tucked far away from the others – let nature sort it out.

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