HILARIOUS VIDEO: Watters’ World Exposes Liberal Students Have No Idea Why They Are Protesting The Travel Ban

Watters once again proved what the majority of Americans already know, that the people protesting the Travel ban have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

One student told Watters that America was a terrorist haven while another student who was protesting told Watters that he believes that everyone coming into the country should be vetted without realizing that he was in-fact actually in support of Trump’s travel ban.


H/T Gateway Pundit

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  • Lee Wro

    What a bunch of morons. Who ties their shoes???

  • Brandon Whosville

    Fucking Ngr’s

  • Jonathan David Farley

    America was great when they defeated the Nazis if you ignore lots of other stuff, the way a child would or a drone in the world of “1984.” (And, no, that doesn’t mean I’m moving, because America has moved—and America and Europe, when they were not great, made other countries worse and they are still worse.)

  • twf

    They are children, acting like children.

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