It’s Not Exciting

A lot of people ask me all the time… What do you do? I alway joke around and give some off the wall answer to dodge the question because it’s kind of personal to be honest and well… IT’S NOT THAT EXCITING.

I work countless hours day and night online pushing a big rock up hill. I have to find ways to go around the suppression from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to get my videos, message, content out there.

No one sees just how much effort or work I put into what this is that I am doing, I am literally a one man show.

Against my better judgement I decided I would make a video that actually shows a day in the life so to speak. Let you guys see how I live offline and the methods to my madness. I get that many don’t care and that’s cool… hell I probably wouldn’t either lol. So, I made it anyways.

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