Ivanka Trump Makes First Appearance As A Formal White House Employee

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Ivanka Trump spoke about education and government workforce retraining programs at a town hall with CEOs in her first appearance as a White House employee Tuesday.

“The Germans have really led the way on this front, and the Swiss have done a really great job with it more recently,” Ivanka said. “In England, we’ve seen a lot of focus on apprenticeship training. So, really thinking about the role of vocational education and making sure that it is incentivized for both students to consider it as a viable option, and partnering with the private sector to really ensure that what’s happening — the education taking place, whether it’s a community college or an apprenticeship program — matches ultimately their needs, so skill-based education.”

“The last thing we’re looking at is workforce retraining, so for people that have been out of the workforce for a number of years and are looking to re-enter, or people who are currently in the workforce but are in a field where jobs are rapidly being displaced,” she continued. “So, how do we take large groups of people and think about how to retrain them in areas where their skills will be more relevant to the workforce of the future? So it’s a big topic.”

“There’s tens of billions of dollars allocated across over 14 agencies on this topic, so another area similar to what we were talking about with infrastructure is really taking a look at all the programs that are out there, consolidating those programs, and really thinking about how we can ensure that everyone is working collectively with these goals in mind.”

Donald Trump’s daughter took on a formal role in the White House when she became a special advisor to the president last week. (RELATED: Trump: If It’s Legal, I’d ‘Love’ To Have Ivanka And Jared Kushner In My Administration)Quantcast

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