JUST IN: The FBI Is Going After Libtard Berkeley Rioters

The FBI has confirmed that they are investigating the violent UC Berkeley riots, with the cooperation of the university.

They’re specifically investigating one of the rioters was a university employee — Ian Dabney Miller, who bragged on Twitter about participating.

From Right Wing News

A spokesperson responded to the allegation, saying, “The campus is aware of the allegations involving someone who is a current member of the university’s workforce … UCPD is working in close concert with the FBI on an ongoing investigation into the matter.”

Strangely, the university is denying student involvement. Nicholas Dirks, the university chancellor, said that the riots were orchestrated by “armed individuals in ‘ninja-like’ uniforms, using paramilitary tactics.” Only one group has come forward accepting responsibility for their role so far. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) is a liberal group led by Yvette Felarca, who expressed no regrets for the riot, saying that “the left has been far too timid for way too long.”

During the riots, Trump supporters were assaulted, innocent people were pepper sprayed, and the rioters set fires in the streets. Rioters also looted a Starbucks, and smashed ATMs and windows. Over $100,000 worth of damage was caused to the student union, and over $400,000 worth of damage was caused to the downtown area, according to the Downtown Berkeley Association.

The Berkely speech was meant to be the last stop on Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous Faggot” tour. He says that he will return to give the speech despite the riots.

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    I saw a whole lot of students there .. didn’t see one fire extinguisher in anybody’s hands .. if you were standing in that crowd you were part of it!!!

  • Jim Bennett

    I have a few more grey hairs then some, and I can remember Berkely in the ’70’s. Also in ’64. Seems they just grow little libtrards there. I’ve always said, Ca. is the true land of FRUITS AND NUTS, and not the kind that you digest.

  • Rich Bawol

    Berkley is always going to be Berkley!

  • War Thunderer

    One of the newer released video’s shows the police watch a young man get attacked from behind and did nothing until they had him swarmed.And as they broke it up they sent the very kids that started it away. I hope they get some police that are not COWARDS soon. If anyone wants to do an old school pantie raid around there I suggest the Police personnel houses looks like they are loaded with them.

  • donnorton

    Time to get the military involved like back in the 60’s and this sht would stop

  • ZombieReady

    We need a Kent State at Berkeley.

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