Liberal Reporter Attacked by Liberals Marching With Guns

Snowflakes have guns… hey it’s their right to do so and they are free to march with them in the open just as any citizen. In true left fashion they just can’t wait for a good confrontation and of course when the situation arrises they assault people… because that’s what the LIBERAL OH SO PROGRESSIVE – OH SO TOLERANT DOES.

Funny, if you listen the the reporter gives them props for what they are doing then he’s attacked by them and comes to realize what we all already know… that the left is angry and violent. At the end of this video the reporter even admits he’s a liberal and has an issue with the New School Liberals.

It is what it is folks… at the end of the day just be on your toes and head on swivel.


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  • Jo Mama

    Wow. Liberals are so full of hate.

  • Nationwide White pride

    Weird most of them don’t even look like liberals, plus they dress like right wingers and are marching in support of open carry and the 1st amendment.. Very confused individuals