My First BassMaster Classic Ever

As many of you all know from following my page I haven’t always been a fisherman, it’s true.

My story is simple… I used to do politics which honestly led me to some dark places inside of myself because I am a passionate person. I actually care and maybe too much. My buddy Dan saw that I was in a funk and told me to go buy a rod he wanted to take me fishing.

Well I went out to a local Wally World and picked up a combo and some crap bait that I didn’t know anything about. We hit the water and I hooked my first bass… it was intense, awesome, my blood pumped and something lit inside of me. I loved it.

A couple months later I was fishing every chance I could get, I was on youtube watching videos, I was following people online who were killing it. I was getting inspired and even bought a bass boat.

I was hungry for it… it’s all I want to do.

I started putting out pics, videos myself because I enjoy it. I’ve lost followers, subscribers because I decided I would rather be happy fishing vs. being miserable in politics.

Months later, I team up with Lucky Tackle Box and then 13 Fishing. I started contacting local bass clubs asking if I can sign up and enter tournaments. My buddy Pat and I are going to enter Roland Martin Marine Center Tournaments. It’s honestly the only thing I want to do… and the fact that we live in a Country SO GREAT where men can actually fish for a living sounds like AMERICA to me.

Anyways… I am not a vlogger but I wanted to shoot my experience at the Classic.


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