NAME EM’ AND SHAME EM’: Full List Of The 231 Leftist Thugs Arrested At Inauguration Day Riots In D.C.

Here is a full list of the 231 people arrested at the Inauguration Day riots thanks to the great sleuthing by Got News.

TGP documented the riots on Inauguration Day. Starbucks windows were smashed and a limo was set on fire among other violence.

A GotNews source has obtained the full list of 231 people arrested at the Washington, D.C. riots on President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department:

The list includes more than 200 people of all ages and parts of the country. The violent riots caused more than $100,000 of damage to the downtown D.C. area and were ignored by the lying mainstream media. Many were clearly Marxists, ANTIFA, anarchists, and other sorts of violent leftists.

Read the full list of people here.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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  • Houston Monkey

    Bunch of brainwashed young cucks. Most of them not even old enough to even remember anything but an Obama administration.

  • nancy

    They need that 10 years in the shit house it is going to take them that long to grow a brain looking at the list on these 231 there age range from 58 to 19 many in there 30 ….yep 10 years should do it …………….MAYBE .I have no mercy for these ass holes

  • otterhead

    The thugs that showed up were anarchist jerks. Dumb kids wanting to make peaceful protesters look bad.

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