O’Keefe Strikes Again! Undercover Video Shows NH Election Officials Committing Voter Fraud

Project Veritas has once again uncovered voter fraud taking place. Their undercover journalists caught election officials in Nashua, New Hampshire welcoming out of state voters with open arms.

P.V. Journalist: “Okay, how long do I have to stay in New Hampshire to vote today?”

N.H. Election Official, Emily Croots: “Umm there’s no requirement.”

P.V. Journalist: Another state ok..or I don’t…but I’m not living here as of right now. I’m just looking to vote here.

N.H. Poll worker: “Do you have an intention of living here indefinitely?”

P.V. Journalist: “Not indefinitely”

N.H. Election worker: “If you want to vote today, you might want to tell them that you’re staying with a friend and you’re here indefinitely which sounds like it’s true.”

P.V. Journalist: “Ok, got you. It’s not 100% true. But I understand.”

N.H. Election worker: “Right, but you’re here indefinitely and your address is at your friends house and then you would be able to vote.”

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  • Free Tomorrow

    Yeah, time to find these traitors and ‘lock them up’. And I am talking about the supposed poll workers.

  • Lee Wro

    She should get more time than the idiot Mexican who voted in Texas. (8 years)