One Man – One Mission – FIGHTING TYRANNY

Most of you guys know me well enough to know that most my content comes from people who follow me most the time.

There was a guy who told me on YouTube to enjoy myself fishing while he’s out there fighting tyranny.

That’s some real bullshit right there and I will tell you why.

A. I will do whatever the hell I want. I will fish. BBQ. Splash around in my pool and make videos about all the above.

B. You’re not fighting shit. Sharing a meme, link to some bs article isn’t fighting tyranny

C. Infowars will air all day everyday because they produce a show… that’s not even fighting tyranny

D. You can’t fight tyranny from your couch, drivers seat, job site, school or iPhone

You fight tyranny the old school way… you remember right? We are far from tyranny.

Tell you what… while you’re out there clicking your mouse and typing up a storm on your keyboard… I’m gonna live my life and replace all the bad shit I put into it with positive shit… fishing is one of those things for me…

Go get em Rambo… Still waiting for you to First Blood

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