Outlaw on the Racist black guy who pulled AR-15 on Trump Supporter

Yeah F**k this guy. He’s the reason you should be required to have a permit to reproduce. I never question gun control but this idiot has me rethinking my position. I have looked at his facebook page and the amount of ignorance that spews out of this guy is mind boggling.

His real name is Neal Norles but on facebook he calls himself hothead.  He’s a rapper (go figure) maybe this will help him sell some of his music. You know it’s funny… I shared this video on my facebook page and I am called a racist LOL… for what – for telling it like it is… for telling the truth… for calling people on their bullshit?

The art of deflection will not work on me. I do not support REAL RACISM and the only racist in this video is the guy on the left of the screen. Deal with it.

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