React: TikTok Cringe


Reacting to TikTok Cringe

Weird how it took so long for the rest of us to hear about Scott Smith and the horrible sexual assault his daughter endured from a boy who wore a dress claiming to be trans in a Loudoun County School.

The school was about to pass ruling which would allow boys who identify as girls access to use girls bathrooms, locker rooms etc.

His daughter was raped and since it was a boy claiming to be trans they buried it and covered it up. Then the boy went to a different school as Scott Ziegler suggested to his family where he raped another girl.

He’s finally been arrested but why would the Loudoun County School go so far to protect the biological boy? Because his crimes are not helping the WOKE NARRATIVE.

I goofed saying the correct County name… but the story remains the same. It’s Loudoun County – my mistake.


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