She Hates My Tattoos

So, I have gotten to a point that I just picture the people who leave bs comments as morbidly obese people who watch the view and stuff their fat faces with Cheetos all day.

No but seriously – screw em all… I don’t give a shit what you think of me. I don’t care what comment you leave and I don’t loose sleep over any of this internet shit.

In this particular video a woman said should couldn’t stand to watch me because I have tattoos. Well, that’s awesome loser. Like I give a f**k you prehistoric b*tch.

It’s 2018 and almost everyone has a tattoo even if you can’t see it, I just said F it and went all in at an early age. So, mine are everywhere and I have not one single regret. They remind me of a time in my life – I can remember where I was when I had each one done. I can remember who was around and the conversations we had… what was on the tv etc.

They don’t say sh*t to you but they tell me a story. I was also a tattoo artist for years and collected from people I worked with or from people that I would travel to do guest spots with.

I won’t ask for pity because I don’t give a f**k – don’t like me – my tattoos – my story – my views… then kick rocks and roll out!


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Men Tees

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