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Media Refuses to Address the War on Free Speech
Antifa Violence on Full Display in Boston It turns out the opposition to the free speech rally yesterday in[...]
Free Speech in Boston
Antifa Out to Squash our Right to Free Speech We have come to a tipping point in this country!  We[...]
Ken Dolls Look Like Beta Males
HOLY SH!T THEY NAILED IT!!!! This is what every beta male in the United States looks like... how gay can[...]
Outlaw Morgan Pretty Much Covers It
You ever have one of those days where someone could say, "You know what's wrong with this country?" And you[...]
Kathy Griffin, The Progressive Left’s Double Standard
Welcome to the internet where what works for some don't work for all. Where freedom of speech is condemned, censored[...]
You Know What I Hate?
We need to require psychological evaluations to reproduce because it seems that a vast portion of our population are simply[...]
Trump Should Have Punched Em In The Face
I was laughing my a$$ off at how the media tried to play Trump on his visit to Nato /[...]
Liberal Pushes For Pedophilia Acceptance
If there is one thing in this world that I cannot stomach it's pedophiles. No, we don't have to accept[...]